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About NAAAP Boston

NAAAP Boston is the local chapter of National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to cultivate, support and promote Asian American leaders through professional development programs, community services engagements, and diverse industry connections.

NAAAP Boston was founded in 1986 and is the largest of the 27 chapters and associate chapters in North America. With more than 400 members, we are currently the fastest growing Asian American professionals organization in Boston.

Mission & Vision


  • Cultivate and empower leaders for professional excellence
  • Connect accomplished professionals for mutual success
  • Engage and participate with the community-at large
  • Inspire leaders to make a meaningful difference in government, education, business, and society

Vision:  To be the premier Asian American professional and leadership development organization in the community

Our Values

What guides us and what we strive for, from our members to our leaders and sponsors, are our values. In all that we do, NAAAP is committed to:

  • Leadership: Develop, inspire, and connect leaders
  • Education: Excel at life-long learning
  • Accountability: Honor commitments to deliver value
  • Diversity: Embrace a culture of inclusion and innovation

Contact Information

Mailing Address

NAAAP Boston Chapter
P.O. Box 51922
Boston, MA 02205

(617) 506-3641

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History of NAAAP Boston

NAAAP Boston Founded in 1986

The National Association of Young Asian Professionals (NAYAP) was started in New York City.  The New England chapter was launched in 1986 at the China Trade Center building, corner of Boylston and Washington St.  Local leaders from community organizations were amongst the 200 people that attended the inaugural announcement of NAYAP New England.   Over 100 new members signed up during the festivities.   As NAYAP begun to evolve nationally the name was changed to National Association of Asian American Professionals “NAAAP,” creating NAAAP NY, Boston (instead of New England), and Chicago.  In 1992 NAAAP Boston was officially chartered in Massachusetts as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The original founding members of NAYAP New England were:  Richard Ning, Doris Ho (now Doris Lee), Pung Ho, Cynthia Sung, Brenda Lee-Kang (formerly Lee), Angela Oey (formerly Hee), and Swan Oey.  They saw a huge need for Chinese-Americans (later expanded to all Asian-Americans) to learn how to succeed and get ahead in their jobs and professions.  There were (and still are) stereotypes of Asian behaviors to be exposed and overcome.   They wanted to create a place for Asian professionals to get together, share their experiences, network, create personal as well as professional relationships and otherwise…just have fun. 


Link to full article : here

NAAAP Boston Executive Alumni Network (NAAAP BEAN)

The purpose of NAAAP BEAN is to facilitate and foster an ongoing community among NAAAP Boston's former and current leaders.

Over the years the NAAAP Boston Chapter has benefited immensely from the contributions of many former Committee leaders, Officers and Board members.  They have contributed greatly by developing a wide variety of events, engaging with members, sponsors and partners, developing the Chapter's systems and procedures, managing our finances, and so on.   In turn, the former leaders themselves benefited through NAAAP by acquiring valuable leadership skills and making long-lasting friends.

Former leaders' enthusiasm for NAAAP and their accumulated operating experience are an invaluable asset for NAAAP.  NAAAP BEAN will leverage this asset by fostering networking, sharing of experiences, and mentoring across the broader NAAAP Boston leadership community.