Committee Directors

Anh Tran

Director of Community Service

John Liang

Associate Director of Corporate Relations


CT Nguyen

Director of Corporate Relations

Grace Yao

Director of Community Partners

Emmie Nguyen

Associate Director of

Professional Development

Joanna Jung

Associate Director of

Successful Parenting in NAAAP


Harris Zhao

Associate Director of

Learning & Development

Santi Gencheva

Associate Director of

Women in NAAAP 

Kathleen Zheng

Director of Scholarship

Sabrina Li

Associate Director of Membership 

Lu He

VP of Education of


Tuyen Hoang

Assistant Treasure

Xiao Chen

Associate Director of

Community Partners

Xinyi Wan

President of


Kroll Fu

Director of Learning & Development

Pam Wang

Associate Director of  Scholarship

Tony Huang

Associate Director of  Scholarship

Nika Zhou

Director of Membership


Kevin Huang

Associate Director of Technology  

Jon Eng

Associate Director of  Corporate Relations


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