Eric Lam is currently a board member of NAAAP. Though his hometown is Quincy, MA, he loves to travel the world and cruise in the Caribbean. He completed his undergraduate at Boston College where he majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. His profession now stands as the Cloud Strategy Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting.

Eric discovered NAAAP in the same way many others did: through friends and attending events like networking mixers. There, he met Jim Fong, the current Chairman of the Board who convinced him to join NAAAP and take on a leadership role. He loves NAAAP because of the passion in each and every single leader.

When asked to say three words that he would connect with when describing NAAAP, he first mentioned “leadership.” In NAAAP’s motto, it states “We Build Leaders” and Lam said, “NAAAP Boston truly lives by it each and every day as we groom new leaders into the organization and provide them a platform to grow, practice their leadership skills, and learn from each other.”

Another word he mentioned was “commitment,” due to how NAAAP is an all-volunteer run organization and how not a single leader in the NAAAP organization is compensated by any financial means. Every single leader is committed to the mission of NAAAP and gives back to the community in an unprecedented way, whether it’s by giving up their weekend to review scholarship applications, jumping on conference calls for countless nights and weekends to plan a NAAAP signature event, or dedicating their time and energy to make NAAAP an incredible organization that benefits so many Asian American professionals.

NAAAP gave Eric an opportunity to meet new people, and as a result he has fostered great friendships. Those friendships deepened and all those in the organization have become a part of Eric's second family.