Peter Ng (伍振中) was born in Hong Kong in 1952 and immigrated to United States in 1963. He graduated from United States Air Force Military School and The FAA Academy. Ng entered the federal service as the first Asian air traffic controller in the U.S. and served as the Communication Director for the Federal Aviation Administration. After 41 years of government service he retired and focus on the needs of the community organizations. Ng works predominantly in the medium of painting in watercolor, oil, acrylic, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese ink painting. Ng is a self-taught and is a member of the Boston Chinese Calligraphy Association; Artists Support and Promote Community. He is the creator of the Brushmagic Kids (神筆小孩) and The East Meet West (中西結合) product line. His artwork has been displayed in galleries around the world and sold through an agent in China, Singapore, Japan and United States.


Ng is an artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and his goal is to give back to this great country by invest in the future of American youth and children around world. Proceeds from his artwork sales go towards funding scholarships for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects, art, education and humanity.


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